Panevino No. 6 Grissini

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Imagine twenty-four loaves of heavenly bread in a cylindrical container. Panevino bakers make every No. 6 Grissino with the same time and care it takes to fashion and bake a loaf of artisan bread.  Our dough is hand-fed into a stainless steel cutter, hand-laid and hand-trimmed on the pan, and misted with extra virgin olive oil twice.  Just before baking, we hand-sprinkle the finest sea salt over each breadstick.

We use Giusto’s flour and sea salt from right here in the San Francisco bay area, fresh California Arbequina extra virgin olive oil from the revolutionary California Olive Ranch, pure water and yeast.  Nothing could be simpler – and nothing could be more complex.

The result of our fanatical fussing is grissini that defy convention.  Given our recipe's reliance on extra virgin olive oil, we’ve also defied the odds. We produce a freshly baked product that maintains its quality, texture, aroma and flavor for seven precious weeks.

Flavors:   Original Sea Salt      Fiscalini Cheddar      Olive & Herbs